Brazilian jiu-jitsu


This class will guide our first-timer students on a path for success towards their Black belt. The “White Belt Into/Self-Defense curriculum” geared to teach the most important lessons possible as it pertains to the purpose of Jiu-jitsu. As a modern day martial art, the belief of most new students is that Jiu-jitsu is for winning street fights, a way for a smaller person to win an encounter against a larger attacker, or that fighting thing from mixed martial arts shows. In all cases, the uneducated potential student sees jiu-jitsu as a fighting art. This is why, we must always ensure that the new student is steeped in the knowledge of the most fundamental self-defense techniques in both classic and modern jiu-jitsu. If they choose to continue training or not, they will have insight in potentially life-saving techniques and also gain understanding into leverage and the extent of Jiu-jitsu positions and techniques. In these first lessons, the student will focus solely on standing self-defense styled techniques. These moves will display leverage, positioning, and defensive strategies against would-be aggressors. From the standing positions the new students will learn how Jiu-jitsu uses submission holds to end encounters, how Jiu-jitsu allows you to transition to the ground for incredible control, and how to counter common scenarios like standing punches, kicks, locks, and varying grips.